Sadhu Training

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SADHU TRAINING men's retreat

SADHU TRAINING men's retreat with Raghunath and Mike Pewtherer
Friday, July 22 - Sunday, July 24
Upstate NY

Join Raghunath and his special guest Mike Pewtherer this warm and beautiful summer in the woods of upstate NY as they teach re-intergration with nature and de-domestication of our souls in their Sadhu Training.

You will learn: Primal skills. Fire by friction. Meditation techniques. Chanting of mantras. Understanding forest sounds. Wild Superfood foraging.

One night alone in the woods in meditation through the night and sleeping under the stars. This nature immersion is truly medicine for our materially enmeshed soul. All levels of yogis and forest dwellers welcome as we want to encourage EVERYONE to rekindle this connection with nature!

It’s time to get back to the earth. We’ve drifted away and become domesticated beasts, weakened by pampering and divorced from our connection with the land, water, soil and fire. In an ignominious shift away from nature's landscape, modern man has created concrete deserts and in turn, has become physically debilitated, exhausted, and mentally languid. Many of us have turned to yoga as a practical necessity to cope with the pressure-cooker existence we’ve created.

But this weekend is going to change ALL of that. We’re going to take the medicine, so to speak, with a healthy dose of reconnecting with our Mother Earth. When that iPhone powers OFF and you remove your shoes and socks and walk on the forest carpet, you will watch magic happen. We will walk as the sadhus, yogis, alchemists, and shamans have eternally roamed. We will awaken the healer within us. We will learn the forgotten primal arts of existence that have been sealed in a vault labeled “primitive” by our so-called civilized man. Yet in these primitive and primal arts, the student will find a potent superfood of existence that gives us joy. A chance for us to drink the juice of life that we’re always hankering after. Of course, in such an environment the physical morphs into the metaphysical and we will explore meditation, chanting of mantras, japa meditation (Indian rosary), while studying the ancient sacred books of India.

We will meet at our base -- 2.5 hours north of Manhattan, 2.5 hours west of Boston. We will learn the skills of building our shelters, foraging for plant food, creating fire by friction; daily yoga asana practice (all levels welcome); all culminating in a Vision Quest. Everyone one will be at different levels. All you need is a desire to reconnect and be around people who feel the same way. Raghu and Mike are 100 percent dedicated to encouraging everyone where ever they are at and are not there to intimidate but rather inspire a person to reconnect with this earth-as-medicine for the sick soul. It’s quite magical and they will guide you through it in great hopes that when you walk away, you feel grounded and inspired so you can go and inspire others.

During the day we will learn knife craft skills, carve coal burn spoons, refine our shelters, creek bathe, study edible and poisonous plants, climb trees, and build fires.

We will practice seeing spirit in trees, insects, plants. We will re-learn how to walk and experience the healing properties of barefoot walking through the forest. Trust me when I say this alone is a powerful healer.

Sleeping bags and tents are optional. We recommend you bring them and use them but -- some may choose to abandon and sleep in the the shelter they build.

Night time is camp fires, kirtan (sacred songs and chanting), lessons of the Vedas as Raghunath introduces you to the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Indian lore and/or night forest skill games.

By immersing yourself in nature, away from the busyness of our modern world, genuine healing can manifest. Witness the transformation as you begin your sadhu life.

NOTE: details of location and packing list will be given upon registration.
Meals are simple, vegan/vegetarian.

Check in is Friday, July 22, 6pm
Check out Sunday, July 24 after lunch

Watch Raghu and Mike's simple promo video: